Okay, I Commit To Joy. It’s On!

A few months ago I was playing around with ideas for a new project, and suddenly the phrase ‘Commit To Joy’ popped into my head. Yeah! Commit To Joy! I really got into it, noting down all these ideas that were flowing and dancing about all over the place…Thought I might as well get a website domain name sorted while I was at it, so had a nosey to see if it was available, and ooh! it was ‘pending’, which meant it was up for renewal in 14 days. The signs were good.

14 days later I went back to see what was going on and a little auction was underway – Commit To Joy was up for sale. I backed down as someone else snatched the Joy from under my nose for a huge sum. I felt awful and was stomping about the kitchen, mumbling to myself and sighing, when I suddenly caught myself stomping about the kitchen, mumbling to myself and sighing…’Where’s the Joy now, Corinne? I thought you were supposed to be committed?!’ I enjoyed a small giggle at my own expense – I’d been given this fab idea, not just as a concept or a product to develop – to Commit To Joy meant more than hunting down a pesky website domain. This was real stuff, about my Life with a capital L.

Just so we’re clear, Commit To Joy wasn’t about me prancing about and singing in the rain (although I freely admit to a bit of that every now and again, just for fun), pretending everything was wonderful, big smiles to hide the painful bits. Nope. For me this felt like a strong desire to say Yes to finding the Joy – that frequency of deep and smiley-eyed contentment – in the midst of the challenges and all the dark stuff that comes with getting to be a human being on this beautiful Earth. (Surely there’s a piece of spectacular joy-filled luck right there?!)

So, a few months passed, and some big Life stuff happened (more on that in other posts), stuff that reminded me how much I love being as awake as I possibly can to the mystery and possibility and just darn awesomeness of being Alive. I sat on my sofa and Commit To Joy popped up again. ‘Do it,’ it said, ‘Commit!’ And I realised I was being asked, as I’ve been asked so many times, to sign up for the real ride, to commit to going even more deeply into the crazy beautiful Something that is my Life.

So I’m doing it. I’ve decided to sign up and see where it takes me this time. I’m signing up to notice the things that open my heart, to stand in a noisy room and see what happens if I hold my centre and tune into Joy, to practise this. And this is in the midst of a Life that is just as messy in parts as yours I bet – I want to try connecting to that frequency of Joy (which is there, all the time, whether I choose to connect to it or not) in the midst of the mess. I’m gonna give it a go! And when I wander off or fall asleep or forget, that’s okay too, because the way I see it I’ll be recommitting over and over and over again, which sounds good to me – it’s what practice is!

So here goes, and if you want to join me and Commit To Joy in your own way too, I’d love that. You can nudge me when I forget why I’m doing this, and I can remind you what we’re doing it for. Because let’s face it, if our world needs anything right now, Joy is it. The darkness and violence and hatred exists, we can’t ignore it any more, and maybe this is our golden opportunity to look at it fully and unafraid? Maybe it’s showing up for exactly that reason, to be seen and acknowledged and Loved back into something more whole again, who knows?

In every moment I have choices: to throw anger and hatred and separation back at what I see outside of me, feeding the madness, or I can choose a different way. The choices we make create the world around us and if I, in my western life with such freedom to choose, can do my bit to at least stop adding to the mess, I’m going to do it. Can we keep choosing Joy in the face of hate until Joy, Love, Connection, The Good Stuff wins? Is it possible? I don’t know, but here goes.

Sign up in the comments with your own I Commit To Joy, and let’s do this together.


PS And when I finished writing this blog, I had a nudge to check out the website domain name again. ‘What?! Yeah, yeah, I know it’s just a test so I have to Commit To Joy in real life and practice not being bothered about such tiny things, I get it…’. Search…

committojoy.com was available, and this time it didn’t even matter. I laughed out loud and I bought it. Watch this space!

19 thoughts on “Okay, I Commit To Joy. It’s On!

  1. How fab Corinne – I’m so delighted you’re doing this and I am very happy to accompany you on the roller coaster although I’m aware there may be some considerable work to be done my end on this. But for now and for the record…..I Commit To Joy!

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  2. Jackie Rickelton

    You are a wise and beautiful person Corinne, born already committed to joy, you need no website. But thank you for sharing with the rest of us. The human race needs help at all times. 💕

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  3. Maria Cornell

    Love this Corinne! It’s easy to get bogged down in the stresses of life and this is a great reminder to find joy in all the small stuff too… Need this so will do my best to join you and commit to joy! !

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  4. Justin

    I couldn’t agree more with the premise to “Commit to Joy”. However, I also know that it’s damn hard work, so thank you for your support and continued inspiration as we all try our best to see the wonder, beauty, humor and love all around us!

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    1. Fab Justin! Thank you for your support too – we are all totally in this together. Also, I find things can get really interesting when I get curious about why things feel like hard work, or difficult for me – I do like a puzzle to work out!


  5. Penny

    ‘Hate cannot drive out hate,
    Only love 💕can do that;
    Darkness cannot drive out darkness,
    Only Light🌠can do that’🌈

    If we all endeavour in our everyday lives to pass on small kindnesses, I do believe and will always hold on to the belief that humanity will flourish and hope; love, compassion and kindness will succeed🌍Keep singing, keep dancing and keep love and hope at the heart of all you do😙💗God Bless you dear friend🌼


  6. Sarah

    That’s fantastic Corinne . Sign me up -Im jumping on the commit to joy roller coaster too. Looking forward to sharing all the twists and turns with you and finding joy in the midst of the beautiful mess!


  7. I loved reading this Corinne.

    I woke up at 4:30am this morning feeling a little chilly, but awake and rested enough to finally sit down in the quiet of the early morning to read this.

    I’m with you Sister! I commit completely to seeking out the joy every day.

    This is an opportunity to be really curious about what most connects us to our true selves, what resonates strongly, what doesn’t, what and who brings pleasure to our lives?
    What are the simple pleasures in your life that can lift you through the harshness of a difficult day or a challenging time?
    How do you cope when life throws you an unexpected blow?

    This part is for other readers, as Corinne knows a lot of this already:

    Recently, my life changed quite dramatically and I could see that I had important choices to make and a new path to find and follow.
    With children to take care of, they had to be my priority and after some time, I had to face the truth that I needed to take really good care of myself in order to be the best mother, friend and guide to them.
    I was trying to do a lot alone, striving to be strong and do it all no matter what.

    In the beginning, there was a part of me that needed to be distracted from what was happening, not face it because I just didn’t have the inner strength yet. I could watch a film, read a book, escape into another reality and wish my life was not this one at this very moment in time.

    As time went by, I knew there was a choice I had right there in front of me:
    Keep on distracting yourself but really get nowhere OR really face what is happening as painful as that may be, gather all your inner strength and move forward with it, be honest about what you can do at this time with the energy you have.

    Underneath all of this was a woman who desperately needed people she trusted around her, to recognize and understand what she was going through.

    Luckily, I found this in my close female friends, my sister, women at my dance group. And in my amazing Dad too. I didn’t want to be rescued, I just needed to talk, be listened to and listen to the experiences and guidance of others.
    My fears began to diminish because Love was by far outweighing it.

    I realized that I hadn’t been reaching out enough, going along this way as if there was no choice because no one else could do this for me.
    The reality is, I CAN do this, I simply need to feel and know that I have others accompanying me on my journey.
    They don’t have to be with me physically, but just knowing that I have soul sisters and people in my life who understand and care brings so much strength and JOY.

    So really, only great things can come from Committing to Joy….. giving one another little reminders and championing each other on our way.

    Well done, Corinne, you’ve laid the foundations for more wonder and sharing in our lives.

    Love, Clare x x x x



    1. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all Clare. I’m sure all of us can relate to the feeling of not wanting to face what so needs our loving and brave attention…I know I can, and it really helps to know others feel this way too so yes, although we each have to face our own unique challenges on our own, knowing that we are part of of something bigger that cares for us and is encouraging, cheering us on, makes it all so much more possible. We’re all this together – it’s becoming a theme…I love it! Big love to youxx


  8. elspethpenny

    I like your post, especially that you highlight that the dark is always lurking and we need company on the journey to keep addressing it directly and lovingly. I am grateful for our friendship and all the things you teach me, dear Corinne. You have a truly unique perspective and energy, and Joy really ought to be your middle name. There is so much on line and it’s hard always to get to it, to read it, and I always want to get off the computer, not stay on it and read more, especially spiritual things…. because I want to connect with real people – dance, sing, meditate, move, walk, create, do art, write letters and diaries and stories when I am in need of the spiritual things. So if I don’t get to your blog instantly, that’s why… but I sprinkle you with glitter and send you love for this new venture and will keep reminding myself to commit to joy. X


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